Introduction of the association


The Athanor is an association law 1901. It is located in the fortified village of Laroque-Aynier, in the department of Hérault in the Southeast of the Cévennes, built on a rocky peak whose foot is at the edge of the exit of Gorges of the Hérault.


Created in June 2015 following the discovery of the village's traditionnal oven, it aims to bring about a pedagogical dynamic of exchange, sharing of know-how and knowledges related to bread trades. The association thus focuses on forestry, agriculture, milling, fournage* in order to arrive at the bakery.


The Athanor carries out its activities around the history of the village and that of these trades, going through th theoritical foundations, techniques and practices used that we know now.


The curiosity and the pleasure of sharing encourages the association every day more to carry out more research in order to share its knowledges to the greatest number.



* Fournage is the french term for defining and assembling all the trades related to the furnaces.